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Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week

Celebrate the ones who love your littles! Check out these fabulous ideas to shower that favorite teacher:

1. Write a Letter

Write a note. A handwritten note goes a long way and doesn't cost a thing. Write a note to your child's teacher expressing your gratitude for work. Have your child write a letter too!

2. Stationery

While we're taking "notes", how about a cute set of stationery.

3. Calling Cards

Even teachers need a card...

4. Flowers

Flowers don't have to be expensive. Pull a flower from your garden and add pretty bow or swing by Trader Joes and pick up a $3 bouquet....

5. A kind word...

The greatest gift we could ever give is a kind word. It cost nothing but can mean the world. Simply taking the time in the midst of our crazy every day to simply say thank you can mean more to a teacher than any gift. Let's teach our children gratitude and compassion by simply speaking it and showing it...Our sweet teachers do it everyday.

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