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Our Mission 


A high quality early child care program can foster the development of infants to preschoolers, a process that can set the stage for the rest of their lives. Children are encouraged to participate in the growth and enrichment experiences and programs at Tiny Tots.  Learning activities are in a setting that compliments a unique pattern of growth and development. Tiny Tots provides a creative learning environment that nurtures each child in his/her social, emotional and intellectual growth while developing and promoting a positive and accurate self image.




We believe the purpose of child care at Tiny Tots is multidimensional: We provide a setting that is physically and emotionally safe for children. Children are offered care in a safe, nurturing environment that parents can trust when apart from their child while having a feeling of support and involvement.


Tiny Tots believes that children need a developmentally appropriate program that fully promotes each child’s skills while focusing on their individual dispositions and interest.


Tiny Tots believes in family.  We see ourselves as part of an extended family, working with families to provide the very best care and educational opportunities for your child. Parents can be confident that they have a support system as they confront the multiple demands of childrearing, school, work and life’s everyday demands. 


Tiny Tots believes in demonstrating responsive approaches; in addition to, employing and maintaining highly trained staff to assist in nurturing and guiding each child’s growth and educational development in a fun and stimulating environment.  Staff and Volunteers are experienced and trained in the different developmental stages of a child’s life and provided with ongoing training opportunities.

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