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Breakfast Changes

Please read and know this is a new policy change and it will begin on Monday, October 16, 2017.

We will be delivering one breakfast to each room. We will no longer serve breakfast continuously until 9:00am, due to sanitation issues that may arise due to food being left out for an extended amount to time. Therefore, each room will have one specific breakfast time.

If your child is not in the room when breakfast is served, at the initial serving time, you will need to feed your child at home. So be on time for breakfast or plan to eat before you arrive.

The class times are as follows:

Infant Room: Room 4 will be at 7:30

Ones: Room 2 will be at 7:40

Ones: Room 3 will be at 7:50

Twos: Room 7 will be at 8:00

Threes: Room 8 will be at 8:20

NC Pre K: Room 5 will be at 8:30

Threes: Room 6 will be at 8:40

Fours: Room 9 will be at 8:50

Please be sure to note what room your child is in and the breakfast time!

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