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Our Favorite Mineral Based Sunscreens

It's finally SUMMER and we're jumping in to our summer safety series with our sunscreen round up. Check out our most favorite , safe and effective mineral based suncreens. Mineral based sunscreens are just as effective and much safer than traditional sunscreens made from harmful chemicals. Mineral based sunscreens use two natural minerals, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, as their active ingredience. The minerals sit on the top of the skin and reflect UV rays rather than absorbing rays through chemical reations like traditional suncreens. Mineral based sunscreens have been a round for a few years but have drastically improved in availability and price point.

1. Beautycounter Sunscreen, starting at $20

Why we love it? Beautycounter sunscreens are mineral based, tear free, water resistant formulated with non-nano zinc oxide and California Poppy. They're super lightweight, not cakey, and don't leave a heavy residue that takes more than one shower to shed.

2. Babyganics Sunscreen, starting at $7

Why we love? Non allerginic and tear free. A little thick and somewhat difficult to get off in the shower but works great!

Available at, and etc.

3. Pure and Free by Neutrogena, starting at $10

Why we love? Tried and true....mineral based super lightweight and goes on easy. Water resistant and doesn't irritate the skin. Great for the face as it doesn't irritate the eyes and the scent is light.

Available at, and etc.

4. Aveeno Positively Mineral Sensitive Face Sunscreen, Starting at $10

Why we love? Another tried and true, Aveeno stands the test once again. Hypoallergenic, lightweight and works! Also, comes in baby and kids.

Available at, and etc.

5. Sunny Screen by Supergoop, starting at $21

Why we love? New from Supergoop this 100% mineral based kids sunscreen line is a parent's dream screen. Super easy to apply, long lasting, no fragerence and super lightweight.

Available at

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